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DAIL Community

Meaning of DAIL

The Korean word “DAIL” means “pursuit of unity within diversity.”
It encompasses a diverse group of people working towards unity in the name of Jesus of Nazareth by leading a spiritual life and service to others that transcends denominations, doctrines, and ideologies.

The life of DAIL Community shines diversity in unity and reconciles Christians through the spirit of unity in diversity.

Founding Spirit of DAIL Community

The founding spirit of DAIL Community is
“to practice, from here on, His new commandment to ‘love each other’;to carry out our mission on earth to ‘go forth and spread the Good Word to others’; and to live our lives like Jesus by stretching our hands out to our abandoned neighbors, thus creating a more beautiful world.”

Although with a slow pace at first, the DAIL Community began their goodwill mission believing, “It starts with anything; it starts with me; it starts now.”

Spirit of DAIL Community

DAIL Community pursues harmony and unity through:

1. Spiritual life of Jesus of Nazareth,
2. Divine service through renewal of worship,
3. Communal life of working and praying,
4. Service life of sharing and serving.

Our goal is to realize and learn from the righteousness of God by living our lives as believers with mature faith and by serving our brothers and sisters in need, the same way Jesus did.
With this approach, we aim to build a community of koinonia, or communion by intimate participation.

Goals and Guiding Principles

1. Sharing Our Daily Bread
Prepare meals whole-heartedly for the hungry regardless of race, gender, or age.

2. Healing and Recovery of Individuals
No one should be refused medical treatment because of lack of money.
Build a healthy community which allows healing of the individual; realize a world where one can live as a healthy member of the society and leave this world surrounded by loving and caring people.
Practice a culture of respecting human life and sharing with others.

3. Leader Service Training
Train and educate leaders to serve exceedingly to promote unity and world peace.
Practice the Living Life and spread the roots of Christianity through all corners of the earth.

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