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DAIL Peace Village

A village of peace, filled with awareness, unconditional love, and selfless sharing...

DAIL Peace Village is the headquarter of DAIL Community and is located at Mookan-ri (390-1), Seolak-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do.
As Cheongryangri is the center for DAIL Community services, DAIL Peace Village is the center for healing and rejuvenation of the spirit.
It is a place for our weary volunteers to rest in peace, as they strengthen their spirits in meditation, and once again go out and serve the world.
The reason for establishing the DAIL Peace Village is to provide its weary and broken incomers a time to heal, to pray, and to rest under God's peaceful love.

Those who have joined this community life ask every day, "What would Jesus Do?"
The community members learn, meditate, and practice Jesus' teachings, as well as strive to live the life of Christ.
They have a ready-mentality to volunteer and serve the community, and to accept and face any hardships that may stand in their way.
They practice the life of praying through their work and working through their prayers.
DAIL D.T.S. (Discipleship Training School) and DAIL S.T.S. (Servant leadership Training School) programs provide spiritual training to those who wish to become members of DAIL Community and disciples of Jesus.
Participants learn to meditate on God's Words, to read the Bible, to meditate in silence, and to call on the name of Lord with body and soul.
Also included is daily physical training, which encourages and bolsters spiritual training.

What is DAIL D.T.S. training?

DAIL D.T.S. (Discipleship Training School) training is not for self-actualization, but for learning self-abandonment.
The world is a place where you can practice self-actualization in any way, at any time. However, D.T.S. is a place where you learn to place yourself before others and practice humbleness and servitude under God.

DAIL D.T.S. Goal Statements

DAIL D.T.S. Goal Statements
1. Practice the spiritual life of Jesus of Nazareth Three daily worship services; 8 hours of labor and 8 hours of prayer to practice the life of praying through work and working through prayers.
2. Sacrament life through worship renewal Developing more intimate relationships with God through worship and praise
3. Community life of working and praying Brothers and sisters worshipping and living together in harmony and learning to build loving relationships to glorify God
4. Life of sharing and serving Training to give and to serve for the purpose of spreading joy and peace on Thanksgiving

Information and Eligibility

Information and Eligibility
Eligibility Has to have been baptized for at least three years
Has to have been baptized for at least three years
Between ages 20 and 40 with physical fitness (for male participants, you must have exclusion for military draft for at least one year)
Has to have recommendations from at least two pastors or your present church's senior pastor
After applying, the supporter must gain approval from the members of the community in order to participate in the training school. Your family members are also welcomed to join the community as trainees.

Training Period We offer 3-month, 6-month, and year-long training sessions. Community memberships are only offered to those who have graduated from the year-long training program.
Application Documents Trainee Pledge Form (DAIL Community form)
Curriculum Vitae and Self Introduction Form (Confession of Faith)
Parental Consent Form
Recommendation forms from two pastors or your church's senior pastor
Copy of Resident Registration
Physical Form