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Dail Community of China

As children's grow taller, let their dreams grow even bigger...

Pastor Il-Do Choi established DAIL Community of China on June 25th, 1999, in Milkanghyang, Hunchun City, Gillim Province, China, around the same time DAIL Children's Home was established.
The center was relocated in July, 2004, near the center of Hunchun to provide a better educational environment because of an increase in the number of children, as well as a decrease in village schools.

Today, Korean and Chinese-Korean children live together at the center with our DAIL Community workers.
Although Christianity cannot be taught since China is a Community country, the DAIL Children's Home and the DAIL Community of China provide the children much love and care, and does its utmost to prepare those children to become responsible members of the Chinese community.

It has been ten years since DAIL Children's Home was first established, and today, the twelve orphans from the first graduating class look over 40 orphans at the home, two of which are now attending universities, one has graduated, one is pursuing his/her major by volunteering overseas, and most have polished their unique skills to succeed in various careers.

The children who have been abandoned by their parents or been abandoned due to various disabilities have been admitted to DAIL Children's Home, where they can receive the healing, the loving, and the caring that they could not find before.
An infant who has been abandoned just 3-4 days after birth was admitted to DAIL Children's Home.
That child is now five years old and continues to grow in the home's loving environment.

Our Footsteps

1999.06 - DAIL Community of China & DAIL Children's Home established near Milkang region.
2004.07 - Children's Home relocated to Hunchun
2005.01 - DAIL Hunchun Children's Home Seoul invitation
2009.06 - Park Sang-Won Library and Keimyung Garden Music Center established in celebration of DAIL Children's Home 10th Year Anniversary
2011.03 - Children's Home relocated to center of Hunchun
2011.08 - SAMSUNG Dream Scholarship Mentoring Program starts

DAIL Community of China

Telephone : 070-7792-5451 / +86-433-753-8004 (Office)
Cell : +86-133-0447-1052 (Director Hak-Yong Kim)