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Before the construction of the Babfor Center, we shared bread with the locals at the town center, where we could not seek shade from the blazing sun nor find shelter from the pouring rain.
However, that never stopped the children from running towards the truck whenever it had arrived to deliver bread.
The memories of the children gathering together served as images of love and hope that helped accomplished the Babfor Center in Philippines.

Now, in addition to serving warm meals every day, we provide nutritional support, along with children's education and general education programs.

- Serving over 200 locals a day, 6 days a week.
- Meals are served 4 days (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays)
- Bread is served for the remaining two days (Wednesdays and Saturdays)

Medical Examinations / Treatment

Due to harsh living conditions and polluted environment, there are many people suffering from skin disease and eye disease (not to mention oral and dental diseases!) that do not have the resources to get help.
At the DAIL Vision Center Clinic, a medical volunteer team works diligently to help those in need by treating their wounds and providing medicinal aid.

- 6-days a week; treats colds, skin diseases, allergies, and eye diseases
- Offers Acupuncture every Wednesday
- Treats children's cleft lips/palates and spine injuries through the DAIL Angel Hospital's B.C.P (Beautiful Change Project).

Child Scholarship

DAIL Dream Daycare Center (Kindergarten)
For impoverished children ages 4-5, the DAIL Dream Daycare Center provides elementary education and teaches Christianity to help them to grow and to flourish in a loving environment.
- Monday through Friday from 9am to 11am.
- Participants: 30 students (ages 4-5)
- Teachers: Principle Hye-Kyung Kim, three local female teachers, and three staff volunteers dispatched from Korea.
- Subjects: The Alphabet, math, arts and crafts, exercise and sports, shapes, music, and more

Child Sponsorship
There are many children in the barangay nearby the Daycare Center and the mission field, who suffer from impoverished lifestyles and are in dire need of your help.
These children ache with desire to attend schools and suffer from malnutrition.
If a child is sponsored, he or she will have an unbreakable bond with the sponsor, and the sponsored funds will provide for the child's education as well as his/her growth and nourishment.

Saturday Worship Service

Every Saturday, beautiful sounds of worship and praise can be heard from the DAIL Vision Center.
Children gather together to sing songs and have bible studies, ultimately walking closer towards God.
Each Saturday, about 140 to 160 children attend our worship service and Bible Study.

Volunteer Services

- Short/Long term volunteer projects
- Medical team
- Individual/Team Volunteer Program