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Babfor Project History

'Sharing starts with a bowl of noodles'.. The Coming of Lord as Living Bread!

밥퍼 나눔운동 역사
1st Babfor (11/1988 ~ 3/1990))
'Sharing starts with a bowl of noodles'

The Coming of Lord as Living Bread!

In 1988, Pastor Il-Do Choi came across a starving man in the Cheongryangri subway station.
The man had not eaten for four days, and he was very weak.
Pastor Choi still remembers that starving man, as if it was Jesus himself in disguise to provide the steppingstone for the Babfor Project.
That starving man inspired Pastor Choi to start serving bowls of noodles to the poor and the homeless, using just a single cooking pot.
This marked the beginning of what is now a worldly wide project aimed to feed the hungry.

밥퍼 나눔운동 역사
2nd Babfor (04/1990 ~ 07/1994)
'Sharing finally.'

Christmas Day of 1990. The first Bapsang (Meal Table) Center started serving meals near the garbage piles of Cheongryangri's vegetable market.
The kind neighbors of the area came out and supported the causes by preparing and serving noodles.
Soon, this beautiful tale of selfless act spread the area, and with the starting sponsorship of the seven neighboring churches and many others that followed, the Bapsang Center became a resting place for more than 500 weary, starving souls.

밥퍼 나눔운동 역사
3rd Babfor (08/1994 ~ 05/1999)
'Although Five Loaves & Two Fish Food Bank was established...'

Five Loaves & Two Fish Food Bank was first established in the first office building of Cheongryangri DAIL Community, but it was not sufficient enough to hold and feed the lines of starving brothers and sisters that stood outside its doors. It was a time when we had to service meals under the bridges of Cheongryangri.
The Babsang Community members and its participants still had to sit out in the cold streets and had to fill their stomachs with no shelter from rain, wind, or snow. In 1998, the social welfare institution of DAIL Community was established, and the Babfor Project became an actual organized charity event.

밥퍼 나눔운동 역사
4th Babfor (06/1999 ~ 04/2005)
'The long, awaited dream finally becomes a reality...'

In August 8th, 2002, the Babfor Project was able to find a place with a roof for the Bapsang Community in Dongdaemungu with financial support from the Seoul city government.
In addition, the first overseas reach to the needy was accomplished in June of 1999, when DAIL Children's Home was established in China.
In June of 2002, the DAIL Community of Vietnam was established, and in March of 2004, the DAIL Community of Cambodia was established.
What started as a bowl of noodles in the corners of Cheongryangri has reached all the way to the slums in parts of Asia.

밥퍼 나눔운동 역사
5th Babfor (05/2005 ~ 04/2011)
'Babfor Sharing Movement becomes a national movement.'

On May 2nd, 2005, the sponsorship recruitment of 20,000 began.
The campaign spread nationwide, and we saw an increase in Babfor Project volunteers and sponsors.
In addition to on-site fundraising, donations made through online are used to spread Babfor all over the world, with a goal to end world hunger.

The 10 cents that were donated by the participants of the Cheongryangri in the Preservation of Pride Charity Event raised enough money to fund for the construction of DAIL Community of Philippines (09/2005).
In January of 2008, the DAIL Community of Nepal was established.
As the Babfor Project spread as a national movement, it also gained a numerous amount of sponsors, who graciously participated in expanding the Babfor Project to all corners of the world.

밥퍼 나눔운동 역사
6th Babfor (05/2011 ~ Current)
'From Cheongryangri to Asia and Africa...'

In May of 2011, Cheongryangri Babfor Center had served over 5,000,000 meals.
With the meals that were served overseas, that number increases to over 15,000,000.
From being a sponsored nation to becoming a sponsoring nation, we owe our development to proper ministry education and kindhearted supporters.
Today, we strive to serve all mankind on earth, and leave everlasting footprints so that we may inspire our future generations to serve and lead the world in a peaceful, loving direction.