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DAIL Angel Hospital

God heals, and we serve...

The DAIL Angel Hospital's Grand Opening on October 4th, 2002 was made possible through $1000 donations from each supporter of the Angel Campaign and also from the first donation of $475 from the residents of Cheongryangri in October of 1992.
The DAIL Angel Hospital is the only free hospital in Korea maintained solely from donations from supporters without any assistance from government organizations.
With the staff of 80 medical professionals, 300 non-medical workers, and 20 cooperative hospitals, the Angel Hospital is able to provide free diagnoses, treatments, and surgeries to more than 100 patients a day, including foreign workers and impoverished children from other countries.

Treatment Targets

1. People who cannot receive the benefits of Social Security
- Those who do not have medical insurance (regional/work)
- Non-beneficiaries of medical aid
- Those who can barely cover living expenses
2. Illegal Immigrants
3. Homeless, people whose Social Security have expired
4. In special circumstances, a selection of people who have medical insurance or pensioners of medical aid