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Yehyang Children's Home

Teach how to love and to dream. Children are our future...

Through our consignment facility (integrated education facilities for children with disabilities) in Kangnam, Korea, 50 children are nurtured and cared for.
This is a place where your children can receive their earliest education.
The teachers and caretakers of Yehyang Children's Home work hard to preserve the children's innocence and their view of the world, and they teach them to show compassion and kindness.
The Yehyang Children's Home is also proud of their flexible education programs to nurture and grow the children's individual and unique talents.

Yehyang Children's Home is a second home away from home. With our hearts of prayer, love, and sincerity, we promise to devote ourselves in helping and teaching your children to become greater, wiser, and more compassionate.
Choosing the Yehyang Children's Home as a place to first introduce your children to the world will become your, as well as your children's, pride and joy.

Address: 273 Poi-Dong, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea.
Telephone: 02-3462-4048
Fax: 02-3462-4049