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Seolgok Mountain DAIL Community

Only Love can heal the wounded body and soul!

Seolgok Mountain DAIL Community was established on April 26th, 2004 for the purpose of holistic healing.
DAIL Angel Hospital heals our physical bodies, while DAIL Natural Healing Center heals our spiritual and mental weariness.
The DAIL Community's goal is to offer this healing to all broken body and soul.
The House of Reconciliation and Unity (2001), the House of Serving and Sharing (2012), and the Natural Healing Center (2004) play an important role as Seolgok DAIL Community's centers for spirituality and wellness.
As these establishments become stronger and stronger, the Seolgok DAIL Community gets closer and closer to its goal to make the world a more beautiful place.
The Seolgok Mountain DAIL Community is located in the Seolgok Mountain, surrounded by its beautiful and natural surroundings.

Pastor Il-Do Choi and Director Yeon-Soo Kim, with the help of the Worship Team, lead worship and prayer, as well as guiding participants through spiritual training and healing.
Many training programs are offered, including
'Step 1: Finding the Beautiful World', 'Step 2: Living as Little Jesus', 'Step 3: Spiritual Leadership Training', 'Silent Meditation Training', and 'Young Adults Spiritual Training', as well as spiritual seminars and DAIL spiritual workshops.

The Seolgok Mountain DAIL Community offers more than one spiritual training session per month, where the brokenness and the pain can be washed away by the waterfall of God's grace and love.
So far, more than 12,000 participants have felt the healing and cleansing of our spiritual training.
Counseling is also offered to teens and couples with marital issues, and healing programs for families suffering through a divorce.
With each step, we walk closer to a more beautiful world.