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Dail Community of Nepal

Dreaming of a bright and happy future for the children of Nepal...

A man from Nepal came to South Korea as a manual laborer.
It was a difficult, depressing time for him, but as help came from God, he came across the DAIL Babfor Project.
Not only was his hunger satisfied, but his faith and vision had also been opened to the light of Jesus Christ.
He went back to Nepal with a desiring heart to feed the starving children of his home country, so that they may also dream and hope.
Today, that man is actualizing his goal by serving as the Associate Director of DAIL Community of Nepal.

In January of 2008, the DAIL Community of Nepal successfully opened the Napel Babfor Center for the impoverished children living along the bank of ... River in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Every day, 350~500 children come to the Babfor Center to feed on love and warm meals.
Before, these children never dreamt about receiving education and pursuing their dreams.

Now, they have access to free meals, basic and hygiene education, and chance to become sponsored.
With these aids, the children can learn to pursue their goals and build brighter futures.
In addition, children worship services are also offered every Saturday at the Babfor Center.

Our Footsteps

2008.01 - DAIL Community of Nepal founded by pastor Il-Do Choi
2010.07 - Kindergarten program launched for children in impoverished areas
2011.01 - Ji-Tae DAIL Kindergarten built with aids from Church of Hope Babfor Team, Announcer Sung-Joo Han, and Actor Ji-Tae Yoo, whom the school is named after
2011.11 - Thanksgiving Worship for the safe construction of DAIL Vision Center of Nepal
2012.01 - DAIL Community of Nepal 5th Anniversary Celebration Worship and Himalaya Tracking

DAIL Community of Nepal

Address : Lilifpur Municiple 14 House No. 986, Khatol No. 23, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Tel : 070-8201-5833 (Office)
Cell : 977-98494-58330 (Director Jong-Won Park) , 977-98431-84069 (Associate Director Senna Park)