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Services / Projects

DAIL Community of USA Services

1. Food for Love Babfor
Taking examples from the Korean DAIL Babfor Projects, our goal is to provide meals and necessary nutrition to those who are hungry and are homeless in the Atlanta area.

2. Education
Our goal is to reach out to those students who have financial difficulties in school and tuition and to promote cultural awareness and education.
These young adolescents are the futures of the world, and we strive to support them in their needs.

DAIL Community of Korea Services

DAIL Community of USA supports the Babfor Project, DAIL Angel Hospital, DAIL Little Paradise, and other DAIL sponsoring events.

Overseas DAIL Community

DAIL Community of USA supports free food services, free medical services, educational/scholarship programs, and other social services provided by DAIL Communities in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippine, Nepal, and Tanzania.
DAIL Community of USA also dispatches short/long term volunteer groups to overseas.