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The fruits of the Babfor Project

'So many of our starving neighbors are waiting for help...'


'So many of our starving neighbors are waiting for help.'
The Babfor Center in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam provide free meals, domiciliary care, free medical diagnosis and treatment, scholarships, and education to over 150 villagers and the visually impaired.


'Transforming "Killing Fields" to "Healing Fields".' The DAIL Community of Cambodia was inspired by the starving children, who were crossing the border to Vietnam to escape poverty and hunger.
The Babfor Project became a solution for their hunger, and their lives have changed for the better ever since.


'It is a tree that grew from the seedling of all the dimes that were collected at the Cheongryangri Babfor.'
The dimes that the Babfor participants at Cheongryangri have graciously donated during the Preservation of Pride Charity Event miraculously funded for the establishment of the DAIL Community of Philippines.
Today, the dreams of those children grow bigger and stronger each day as they gather together to learn, to love, and to grow.


'To bring hopes and dreams to the children of Nepal...'
An immigrant worker from Nepal came across DAIL Babfor Center in Korea, where, not only did he receive free meals and comfort, but finally discovered and accepted Jesus Christ along the way.
He prayed and dreamed that the children of Nepal would also be fed and went back to his home country.
Today, his prayers have been answered by the Babfor Center in Nepal, and he is working towards accomplishing even a greater goal as a member of the DAIL Community.


'To Share the Bread of Life with the starving children in Africa...'

A starving child cries in its mother's arms. However, the mother, a heartbreaking image of a skeleton tightly wrapped in skin, has no milk inside her body to give to the baby.
About 40% of Africa is suffering from extreme starvation.
The DAIL Community is preparing a Babfor Center so that we may share their suffering and deliver them love and food.

North Korea

'We cannot stand idle while there are starving children in our brothering country.'
We pray for the day when the DAIL Babfor Center will be able to provide meals for those starving in North Korea. Currently, Indirect Support Programs are in progress.