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Dail Community of Cambodia

From the sorrows of the Killing Fields, rises the vision of a land of Hope...

The DAIL Community of Cambodia came into idea in 2003 when Pastor Il-Do Choi encountered the starving, homeless Cambodian children in Vietnam.
They had crossed the border from Cambodia to Vietnam in hopes of finding food and a home.

In March 14th, 2004, the community center was established to aid the malnourished children in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, regions nearby Killing Fields.
To this day, the DAIL Community of Cambodia offers free meals and education for children and the KB DAIL Angel Clinic provides free medical examinations and treatments for children who cannot afford to go to the hospital.

In 2009, we've constructed KT&G DAIL Award Kindergarten, Spring DAIL Kindergarten, DAIL Gymnasium, and KB DAIL Library to improve the education environment for children.
In 2011, DAIL KOICA Shipyard was built in order to supply ships and boats to the villagers to aid their source of income and to provide school transportation for children.

In 2012, we hope to establish Asia DAIL Vision Center to train and raise future spiritual leaders through worship and practice.
The DAIL Community of Cambodia is one of our most active and important overseas N.G.O (Non-Government Organization).
We hope to change the lives of the people who seek us for the better and to spread love and compassion all throughout Asia.

Our Footsteps

2004. 03 - Pastor Il-Do Choi founded DAIL Community of Cambodia (Registration as NGO; Phnom Penh Babfor Center established)
2005. 03 - Cambodia Phnom Penh Dail dental Clinic center established.
2006. 09 - Siem Reap DAIL Vision Center established
2007. 10 - KB DAIL Angel Clinic established
2008. 06 - Cambodia Bbangfor(sharing the bread) center established
2009. 10 - KT&G DAIL Award Kindergarten established
2010. 01 - Grand Opening of DAIL Gymnasium
2010. 05 - KB DAIL Library established
2011. 03 - Spring DAIL Kindergarten and DAIL Shipyard established
2012. 02 - Asia DAIL Vision Center Groundbreaking Ceremony
2013. 01 - The beginning of 'Tradition industrial arts' for the women's ability development in Phuom Krom Village.

DAIL Community of Cambodia

Siem Reap: St n'63 Toul ko가 Pey Phnom Krom Village, Siem Reap Commune
Siem Reap Province, Cambodia
Phnom Penh: ANGDONG Village, Kook Roka Commune, Dong Kor District
Phnom Penh City, Cambodia

Telephone : 070-8220-3940 (Office)
Cell : +855-78-708-080 (Cambodia Senior Director)
+855-12-808-861 (General Task)
+855-13-367-867 (Voluntary Service Sae-In Ko)