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Services / Projects


To assist the starving children of ... facing malnutrition, DAIL Babfor provides free warm meals as a way of sharing God's love.

Afterschool / Education

For children living in slums, poverty is usually their only inheritance.
To break this vicious cycle and to start a new wave of hope and love, the DAIL Community of Nepal provides educational programs such as Preschool Programs, Afterschool Programs, Child Sponsorship, Sending-to-School Program, Class of Hope, and many more.
Even in environment like theirs, the children are eager to learn and to grow.
From the dreams and goals of these children, the bright future of Nepal becomes possible.

Ji-Tae DAIL Kindergarten
Sponsored by a movie actor, Ji-Tae Yoo, the Ji-Tae DAIL Kindergarten School teaches Christianity and basic education to local children aging from 3 to 5. Ji-Tae DAIL Kindergarten also provides basic educations to strengthen the human capital of Nepal and child-care for working parents.

Afterschool Classrooms/Library
After school, children rushes over to DAIL Babfor Center, where they work on their homework and read books. Teachers stand by to help them with their homework problems as well as sharing conversations and giving encouragements.

Child Sponsorship
- 1 on 1 sponsorship where the sponsor can send a child to school
- Provide essential items for home life.

Regional Construction

The DAIL Community strives to better the living conditions of the people in Maghar area.
Such efforts include building wells to provide clean water and various construction projects.
By doing so, we hope to provide new job opportunities and healthier living environments for the people of Maghar

Free Medical Examinations and Treatment

The children and the elderly who live in the slums of Maghar are suffering from numerous diseases caused by pollution, filth, and unsanitary environments.
With the help of medical volunteer groups, the DAIL Community of Nepal works to provide treatments and medical services to those suffering in the region.

- DAIL Angel Hospital's Beautiful Change Project provides free medical examinations and surgeries to treat children with cleft lip/palate and/or spine injuries.

Saturday Worship Service

Every Saturday, the local children and adults gather together to worship and praise God.
It is a place where people find God, embrace the joy of praising God, and become united with the people around them, regardless of social status.

Volunteer Projects

- Short/Long term volunteer projects
- Medical team
- Individual/Team Volunteer Program