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Dail Community of USA

A place of active sharing and loving for the poor children in developing countries...

In March, 2002, the DAIL Community of USA was founded by numerous sponsors and supporters from Atlanta, Georgia.
With the help of those supporters, who were also sponsoring DAIL Community's Babfor Project and the construction of DAIL Angel Hospital, the DAIL Community of USA was finally issued its Non-Profit Organization Permit in August of 2002.

The goal of this foundation is to sponsor and support the ministry of DAIL Community of Korea and to reach out to third-nation countries such as Cambodia, Nepal, and Philippine.
The DAIL Community of USA also provides rehabilitation and education programs for the homeless and counseling and cultural education programs for Korean-American children.

Our Footsteps

2002.03 - DAIL Community of USA established; Jubilate operational
2009.04 - The First DAIL Spiritual Retreat
2011.10 - 16th DAIL Spiritual Retreat

DAIL Community of USA (Atlanta Headquarters)

Address : 2976 Buford Hwy, Duluth, GA 30096
Telephone : 770-813-0899 (Office)
Fax : 770-813-0133