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Services / Projects


The Babfor Center delivers necessary house-hold supplies and free meals to 150 orphans, disabled elderly, and handicapped persons in the small village of Xinghua in Binh Thanh group.

- Provide 100-150 free lunches for the handicapped living in Vung Tau providence (3 days a week)
- Provide bread for the handicapped and the disabled elderly who live by themselves (3 days a week)

Home Care

With the help of local volunteers and sponsors, we provide domiciliary care to people with disabilities, the elderly, and teenage parents by aiding them with meals and home improvements.

Free Medical Exams

With the help of volunteer medical teams, we can provide free treatments and medicinal help.
We also participate in the B.C.P (Beautiful Change Project) to treat and help children with cleft lip/palate and spine injuries.
In 2008, a team of medical volunteers performed 200 cleft lip/palate surgeries and brought beautiful smiles to the faces of those children.

Volunteer Projects of Vietnam

- Medical Team Volunteer Opportunities
- General Volunteering (individual/group)