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As children's grow taller, let their dreams grow even bigger...

- SAMSUNG Dream Scholarship Foundation Mentoring Program

The education program in Hunchun provides subsidies until Middle School, but the general cost to attend schools (such as school supplies, books, etc) is a heavy burden to many families.
The SAMSUNG Dream Scholarship Foundation Mentoring Program provides mentors to increase educational opportunities for children in those difficult situations.
Through this program, we aim to strengthen their competency, to help them discover their talents through various volunteer activities, and to provide emotional support and a special friendship.

- Park Sang-Won Library

For DAIL Children's Home's 10th Year Anniversary, ambassador Sang-Won Park sponsored the construction of Park Sang-Won Library.
Today, the children enjoy the many books that the library offers, and their dreams grow larger and larger each day. The library is also the gathering center for the town's children to learn, to love, and to grow.