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Services / Projects

Regional Community Centers Information

1. DAIL Community of Phnom Penh

- Babfor Center
- Located in Phnom Penh region; sharing love and providing free meals for children under 14.
- Primary focus: malnourished children under age 14. Provide for about 6,000 malnourished children every month
- Open four days a week: Wednesday through Saturday

2. DAIL Community of Siem Reap

- Babfor Center
- Located in Phnom Krom and Stung Treng region; sharing love and providing free meals for children under 14
- Primary focus: malnourished children under age 14. Provide for about 9,000 malnourished children every month
- Open Monday through Saturday

- Bbangpur Center
- By providing bread to villagers and children living in impoverished regions, we hope to achieve nutritional improvements and provide self-sufficiency training to increase their independence skills.
- 20,000 bread provided per month on average

Free Medical Exams

- DAIL Angel Clinic
- The DAIL Angel Clinic provides free medical examinations, as well as health activities and health education, to villagers near Stung Treng, Siem Reab and Phnom Krom.
We also examine children's nutrient levels, and play an important role as a regional medical center.
- Town-to-town medical examinations, insect control team, and baby formula provision team
- We also participate in DAIL Angel Hospital's B.C.P (Beautiful Change Project) and treat children with cleft lip/palate and spine injuries

Scholarship / Education

-The DAIL Community focuses on providing basic education for children in pre-school and kindergarten.
A library has been constructed so that kids can grow their dreams through knowledge and books.
We offer variety of afterschool classes and activities to widen their education and experience.
Such classes include Tae Kwon Do, table tennis, dance, music, art, English, Korean, and Computer Science.

- Through the Child Sponsorship Program, we can support the child's Elementary/Middle School as well as his/her family and home.

- KT&G DAIL Award Kindergarten/ Spring DAIL Kindergarten
- Kindergarten school for village pre-school children in Tonle Sap.
- Administer 250 students' education

- KB DAIL Library
- Open from 9am to 6pm everyday for children and adults
- Currently has 500 books to offer

- Afterschool Classes and Activities
- Computer Class: Computer Education for children ages 15 and up
- Tae Kwon Do Class: Martial Arts class for children and adolescents
- Foreign Language Class: Teaches Korea and English
- Music, Dance Worship, and Table Tennis

- Child Sponsorship
- 1-on-1 sponsorship to provide education
- Provide basic needs and nutrients

Local Developments

The DAIL Community has serviced in many developmental construction projects such as water wells for cleaner water, housing improvements, and shipyards and dockyards for better fishery. All this effort is focused on providing healthier, independent and better lives for the villagers near Siem Reap's Stung Treng, Phnom Krom, and Serug Peuok.

-Water Well Developments
- Carried out in regions where clean water is not available
- Construction time: about 1 week (varies depending on size and depth of the well)
- Construction cost: about $600 (varies depending on size and depth of the well)

- DAIL Shipyard
- Villagers can use the ships and boats to create a source of income by fishing and provide their children transportation to school.

- Building Houses and Residential Improvements
- Home repair and improvement project for selected impoverished families.

Sunday Worship Service

DAIL Church of Serug Peuok

The DAIL Church of Serug Peuok was built in a small town of Serug Peuok, a town that is suffering from hidden landmines.
Midst the dangers of landmines, over 500 kids (about 400 children and 100 adolescents) gather together every Sunday to worship and to learn about God.
The DAIL Community is not simply a bread-distributing N.G.O.; it is also a tool of God to spread His word and His spirit to those who are weak and hungry.

Volunteer Opportunities

- Short/Long time volunteer projects
- Medical team
- General volunteer opportunities (individual/group)