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DAIL Little Paradise

To hold the hands of the weary and the lonely during their last moments of life...

Love is skipping a meal so that the poor can eat, getting up in the middle of the night worrying about the sick, and smiling with interest when being ignored.
Love is reaching out to the one who has hurt you first before that person reaches out to you.
For those who would have left this world alone, out in the cold streets, the DAIL Little Paradise offers a warm hand to hold onto, a sincere heart of prayers, and a friend to help lay down, before the Cross, this world's heavy burdens.

"There are thousands of people who spend their last moments on earth with no one to hold on to, to talk to, or to share their last word with.
I was very surprised of the number of people around us that are facing death utterly and painfully alone.
The pain and love that I felt for those people is what led to the establishment of DAIL Little Paradise, the Home for the Dying.
The progress lasted 20 years, but now, those people can leave this world in dignity in the warmth, the comfort, and the love of their brothers and sisters."
-- Interview with the President of DAIL Community Rev. Il-Do Choi.

The DAIL Little Paradise is a brokerage establishment of DAIL Social Welfare Foundation in Seoul, and it aims to provide the last resting place for the abandoned and the lonely so that they will not leave this world without another person's loving touch.
They are provided comfortable beds and the love and care of our numerous volunteers until their very last moments here on earth.
The facility's patients, along with visitors and volunteers, can truly experience the meaning of "heaven" at DAIL Little Paradise.
Also, for those with will, we offer various programs to teach and bolster self-reliance and self-sufficiency.
Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the DAIL Little Paradise truly becomes a paradise with the help of our angelic volunteers.


Who Primary recipients: homeless persons in need of hospice care
Secondary recipients: homeless persons with severe diseases and disabilities; homeless persons in need of constant care
Tertiary recipients: a patient faced with immediate homelessness
Admit If the patient directly wants to enroll: face-to-face consultation then admittance will be decided.
If a third party wants to enroll a patient: review relevant documents then decide admittance.
Services Basic food, clothing and shelter; diagnosis and treatment through DAIL Angel Hospital, worship and praise, funerals, Self-reliance/self-support programs, Live the Beautiful Life Program, and many other programs and activities with volunteers